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Improving transparency and increasing accesibility to high quality quantitative crypto-asset information.

TokenDatabase takes a big-data approach to crypto-assets by aggregating data from across the crypto-asset ecosystem, making it accessible on the TokenDatabase Data API. This includes comprehensive coverage of data and metrics on many verticals, including crypto-asset markets, news, fundamentals, communities, and more.

TokenDatabase leverages machine learning techniques to generate powerful analyses also made available on the Tokendatabase API, allowing for easy integration of these analyses into a customized work flow.

Unlike other providers that aggregate data for crypto-asset markets, TokenDatabase makes market data accessible as granular as it gets. That means that every trade, order book snapshot and other market data are accessible in full detail -- useful for clients deploying quantitative trading strategies.


  • Market data API
  • News API
  • Alternative data API
  • Analytics API
  • Reference data API


  • Dedicated infrastructure for crypto-asset data
  • White-label crypto-asset web dashboard
  • White-label reports
  • Custom pricing methodologies
  • Developer support for custom features

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