Market intelligence meets crypto-assets

Market intelligence meets crypto-assets

We deliver value to the data-driven investor through actionable insights for the crypto-asset ecosystem

Data is at the core of any investment strategy.

Each moment a vast amount of crypto-asset data is generated from the individuals, businesses, and machines that participate in the ecosystem.

For investors to stay informed, some require access to large quantities of data, while others need a variety of data types.

Our suite of services brings value to the crypto-asset investor by providing the data, insights, and interfaces that empower them to make informed actions.


Data-driven applications

Develop powerful data-driven applications including crypto-asset dashboards, widgets and risk assessment tools

Trading strategies

Build, backtest and deploy systematic trading strategies using our granular, low latency datafeeds from TokenDatabase and order execution engine from

Research & reports

Discover valuable insights with our data and analytics. Use them to generate comprehensive reports, newsletters and other analytical content tailored to your end user.

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