Market intelligence meets crypto-assets

We provide actionable market intelligence for data-driven investors in the crypto-asset ecosystem

Data is at the core of any investment strategy.

Each moment a vast amount of crypto-asset data is generated from the individuals, businesses, and machines that participate in the ecosystem.

Current data providers typically only offer exchange market data. This is not enough for the increasingly sophisticated investors entering the crypto markets.

For investors to stay informed, some require access to large quantities of data, while others need a variety of data types.

Tokamak uses data science to combine hard-to-acquire data from the web to generate actionable intelligence about the crypto-asset industry.

Market Data Coverage

Market Trades
Order Book Snapshots
Trusted High Volume Markets
Injested Trades per Minute

Alternative Data Coverage

Our alternative datasets include data generated by individuals, business processes and machines in the crypto-asset ecosystem.

Job Listings and Hiring Activity

Track the growth of the industry through hiring activity for companies and projects operating in the blockchain industry.

G20 Regulatory Sentiment

Surveillance for adjustment in regulatory outlook for the blockchain industry in the major jurisdictions.

News Articles

Access news feeds from all verifiable crypto-industry sources. Quantify trends for keywords and sentiment across articles.


Quantify crypto event attendance aggregated by location, event type, skill level and other categories.

Mobile Apps

Track adoption of crypto-focused products by monitoring app downloads, ratings and other metrics.

Developer Activity

Monitor developer activity on code repositories for crypto-related projects by analysing commits, forks and other developer metrics.

Social Media

Monitor social media mentions, sentiment and other metrics for crypto-assets, projects and companies.

Whitepaper Analytics

Leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) based metrics to summarize and compare whitepapers for crypto projects.

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