Market intelligence meets dynamic data capture

New connected markets require flexible solutions and data-driven strategies

Smart data collection is at the heart of modern investing.

Each moment, a vast amount of data is generated, key to businesses, individuals and machines for decision making.

Current providers typically only offer exchange data. This is not enough for the increasingly sophisticated players behind today’s evolving markets.

For investors to stay informed, they’ll require access to large quantities of data, across varying types.

Tokamak uses data science to aggregate hard-to-acquire information from the web and generate actionable industry insights.

Alternative Data Coverage

Our datasets are sourced from multiple relevant corners of the asset industry, including business processes, individuals and machines.

News Articles

Access new feeds from verifiable industry sources.


Quantify industry event attendance by location, event type, skills level and other categories.

Mobile Apps

Track product adoption, downloads, ratings and other metrics.

Developer Activity

Monitor developer activity across code repositories through commit, fork and similar metrics.

Social Media

Monitor engagement, sentiment and other key variables.

Whitepaper Analytics

Leverage Natural Language Processing to summarize and compare whitepapers.

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